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Events FAQ

Where do I register?

Registration can be found on the event landing page.

When will the event landing page for each city be ready?

All event landing pages are currently live and are updated with sponsor and session details when deliverables are received.

When does promotion start for each event?

Email campaigns begin 1 month prior to event date.

How do you promote your events?

We start an email campaign one month prior and a number of campaign based on opens, clicks, etc. We also send an email reminder 2 days before the event as well as the morning of and a final “last chance” for opens. Additionally, we place reminder phone calls the day before the event. We promote the events on LinkedIn as well as Twitter.

How many attendees do you expect?

Expected number of attendees varies depending on the city/market. An average of 40 registrations is expected per city for In Person events. Virtual registration can be as high as 200+.

What is the current list of sponsors for each event?

Participating sponsors can be found on the agenda, located on each city’s event landing page.

What is the MAXIMUM number of sponsors per event presenting/sponsoring?

All events have a MAX of 6 sponsors.

Can we send you target lists?

Yes! You can include the following in your list:

  • Target Account URLs
  • Target Titles
  • Target Revenue, Employee Headcount, Industry or Location
When can we receive a pre-reg list?

Your TechTalk sales rep can send you your requested pre-reg list 24 hours prior to the event.

What information will be included on the final registration list?

Final registration lists will include all attendees names, title, company, email address, company address, phone number.

When will we receive our final registration list?

Final lists will come from Maria Lietz, via email. Please allow up to 48 hours for final lists.

What follow-up do you send to the regs/attendees post event?

We do not send post event follow-up. We provide the list to you so your team is able to follow up with attendees and keep the conversation going.