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Security Expert: Tik Tok Existential National Security Threat

Interview on China in Focus with Rex Lee, cybersecurity advisor and expert

Chinese Developer ByteDance, the developers of TikTok, have been in the news lately regarding bans issued by government agencies for government employees.

Businesses, medical institutions, organizations, plus local and state governments should also consider banning intrusive apps and social media platforms in general, especially those developed in adversarial countries such as China and Russia.However, it is not that easy to implement a ban without knowing the facts. 

In this investigative report/interview, Rex M. Lee, security advisor/tech journalists, highlights security and privacy threats associated with TikTok, plus other intrusive apps/social media platforms.

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What IT Can Learn About the Future of Generative AI from Future of Marketing Scenarios: Challenges and Opportunities

The future of generative AI: early challenges for IT, and opportunities

I recently attended the annual scenario planning session for friend and colleague Rob Salkowitz’s ‘Future of Marketing’ class in the Communications Leadership program at the University of Washington. We introduced his students to scenario planning and asked them to think about how the technologies of the moment may play out against different social, technological, economic, environmental, and political backdrops over the next decade.

March 11, 2023 by Daniel W. Rasmus

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AI and Context: Why Training AI with So Much Knowledge Leaves it Unable to Understand Context

Machine learning training sets focus on precise aspects of a domain. A machine learning algorithm trained on the identification of cancer cells does that job with accuracy and precision. The algorithm has seen so many cases that its ability to identify the next case proves uncanny to those not familiar with the underlying technology. Those who do understand the model are not amazed. The cancer identification algorithm reinforces their own learning that machine learning, or in some camps, artificial intelligence, can outpace a human’s ability to identify patterns among often subtle signals.

By Daniel W. Rasmus, Serious Insights

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How IBM Power Continues to Thrive in an X86 World

Power was once a peer to X86 technology along with a number of now obsolete processor platforms, but as those others dropped off and X86 became dominant, Power continued. Yes, it had to hit above its weight class in order to compete and remain relevant, but it did, and it continues to have some of the most loyal and outspoken customers today who appreciate what Power uniquely brings to the table. 

The reason it has sustained speaks to both a weakness in X86 execution which allows for competing technologies to exist and a level of continued focus and execution by IBM that has enabled the technology to continue long after many thought it would be obsolete.  

Let’s look at the surprising success of IBM Power this week on top of IBM's latest announcements surrounding the platform.  

By Rob Enderle, Enderle Group

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The BLACKOPS REPORT: Chinese Surveillance/Espionage In The US

This week The BLACKOPS REPORT with Merle Garrison and Casey Fleming, BlackOps Partners, discuss Chinese surveillance on the U.S. in light of the recent violation of U.S. airspace/sovereignty by China regarding the Chinese Spy Balloon.

Aside from the Chinese spy balloon, Merle and Casey address Chinese spy apps such as TikTok, WeChat, Temu, Shein, and other intrusive Chinese apps that pose massive privacy, security, and safety threats to U.S. end users, including teens, children, and business end users.

Merle and Casey welcome special guest, Rex M. Lee, Security Advisor and Tech Journalist, to discuss intrusive Chinese apps that enable Chinese app developers to surveil and data mine U.S. citizens, for profits while posing a national security threat to the United States.

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The gathering AI storm between Microsoft and Google

Microsoft caught Google off-guard with its recent push into generative AI, which could have big ramifications for search. And it might just mean the Singularity is closer than we think.

Written by Rob Enderle, read more at ComputerWorld

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Intel’s New Peer: AMD Reaches Sustained Critical Mass In The Data Center

AMD’s historic place in the microprocessor ecosystem is as a second source for Intel. Some of AMD’s biggest problems have resulted from its being unwilling to remain second tier and Intel’s understandable reluctance to allow it to rise to peer level. AMD’s prior push to rise to peer status in the early 2000s ended badly because of AMD execution issues and Intel moving aggressively to prevent a favorable AMD outcome.

Rob Enderle delves into the recent rise of AMD, and the lessons to take away from the successes (and failures) of both companies. 

By Rob Enderle, Enderle Group

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Surveillance Capitalism Part 3: Predatory App Terms of Service!

Have you ever wondered what you are agreeing to when you click on "I Agree" to Accept The Terms & Conditions that support apps & platforms developed by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other Developers?

Tech Industry Insider Rex M. Lee exposes potentially illegal business practices associated with intrusive, addictive, & harmful apps supported by predatory & exploitive terms & conditions.

Interview with Rex M. Lee, Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor

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Why All Apps/Social Media Platforms Are A Security Threat Aside From TikTok!

The media, plus government officials, simply do not understand how much personal and business information app & social media platform developers collect on the end user. CyberTalk TV exposes how much surveillance and data mining app and social media developers can conduct on end users.

See this explosive investigative report to understand that all intrusive apps & social media developers pose massive privacy, security, civil liberty, and safety threats to end users.

Interview with Rex M. Lee, Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor

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HP Elitebook 840 G9 Review: A Utilitarian Notebook that Makes Utilitarian Look Good

With the HP Elitebook 840 G9, HP delivers a relatively powerful computer in the prefered form factor for most business users. The wide-ranging options make it ideal for corporate purchases that want to buy in bulk but still meet the needs of varying use cases.

What we like

From its excellent 5-megapixel auto-framing camera to its 14-inch 16:10 aspect ratio 2920×1200 WUXGA display, the HP Elitebook 840 G9 elegantly states that it’s all business. The adoption of the 16:10 offers more workspace than the 16:9 EliteBook 840 Aero G8 which preceded this model. The list price shared during a briefing stated the device will cost between $1,100 and $1,600, depending on the configuration, though the HP website  shows several higher-priced configurations.

By Daniel Rasmus, Serious Insights

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