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iPhone 15: Top 10 Takeaways from the September 2023 Apple “Wonderlust” iPhone 15 Event

By Daniel W. Rasmus for Serious Insight 

Apple announced several updates in its iPhone 15 line and some major changes for Apple Watch as well.

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How Cybersecurity Professionals Can Navigate Stress and Anxiety

By Jaye Tilson of Security Infowatch

Here are a range of effective strategies aimed at managing and ultimately alleviating these pressures based on personal experience.

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Attack of the Zombie APIs

Who is leading the security counteroffensive in your organization?

By Matias Madou for Security Infowatch

As thrilling as it is to see hordes of zombies wreaking havoc on the last lines of defense of the human race, I can’t say the same sentiment is particularly appealing when discussing APIs.

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The Republican Debate and ChatGPT—Room for Gen AI in Politics?

By Rob Enderle for COMPUTERWORLD

When one candidate accused the other of being a 'ChatGPT' candidate in this week's GOP presidential debate, he intended the comment as a slam. But maybe there's more to it than that.

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How Old Facebook Plus New AI Could Save Remote Work

By Rob Enderle for COMPUTERWORLD

Work from home is failing, with more and more companies demanding their employees return to the office. AI-driven tools for onboarding and employee engagement could fix that.

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Five Areas Where Generative AI Could Make A Real Difference

By Rob Enderle for TG Daily

Generative AI has hit the world like a storm. Right now, it’s focused in either user tools like what Microsoft has supplied, or customer interactions and general operational assistance like IBM’s watsonx. It is certainly good that both of those companies are focused on using this to enhance us rather than replace us (the actor and writer strike comes to mind). Since I agree that enhancement should be the purpose of these tools, I’ll focus on implementations that make us better, not those that make us obsolete…

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Digital Transformation, AI, and the Productivity Problem

By Rob Enderle for COMPUTERWORLD

There's a lot of talk about how generative AI could boost productivity at companies in the midst of digital transformation. But moving too fast could make things worse.

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Windows 11 AI Integration Signals New Era for User Experiences

By Rob Enderle for Tech News World

The move to aggressively place AI into all aspects of Windows will dramatically change the user experience over time. Let’s explore how Microsoft AI will benefit collaboration and user experiences.

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Generative AI in the Enterprise: Getting Practical with Applications of Generative AI

By Daniel W. Rasmus

Technology like generative AI generates hype. Because of its close affiliation with science fiction, the concept of AI has been front and center in many plots involving humanity’s extinction, but probably not as often as humanity has been its own worst enemy.

If we step back from the science fiction tropes, practical uses for generative AI exist, though they are hard to find even among the less existentially threatening use cases.

First, Rasmus outlines two different but similar use cases that focus on the summarization feature of generative AI, and then provides a list of other use cases, along with a brief analysis of each one.

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7 Things Apple Gets Right with Apple Vision Pro and 4 Things It Gets Wrong

By Daniel W. Rasmus, Serious Insights

Consider this analyst's breakdown before you make a purchase of your own… In this article, Dan W. Rasmus explores Apple's latest product, the Apple Vision Pro. Get Rasmus's take as he weighs the pros and cons of the newest headset to hit the shelves.

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