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AI Impact

AI and the Supply Chain: Making More Resilient Companies

By Rob Enderle for Techspective 

There are a lot of areas where AI can be focused and make a difference, including employee productivity, marketing, sales, customer support, manufacturing, medicine, aeronautics, robotics, and governance. But one of the most interesting is logistics. During the Covid pandemic, we saw that everything we buy and consume depends on logistics. If we don’t have access to the materials and technologies we need to build products or deliver food, everything shuts down.

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7 Reasons AI Needs Knowledge Management

By: Daniel W. Rasmus for Serious Insights

Much of the discussion about generative AI and the future of work focuses on the potential for AI to displace workers. Often vague references suggest that AI will create new jobs as did all the automation of the past.

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A Closer Look at a Critical Partnership for Hybrid Generative AI

By Rob Enderle for TDWI

Hybrid AI is one of the big trends for 2023, but not all hybrid AI solutions meet an essential condition.

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President Biden’s AI Executive Order Does Not Address Threats Posed by Surveillance Business Practices

By: Rex M. Lee, Security Advisor

I heard a lot of news about President Biden’s AI Executive Order, “New Standards for AI Safety and Security” so I wanted to review the executive order fact sheet provided by the White House to see if it addressed threats posed by predatory surveillance business practices.

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TechTalk Summits Announces IMPACT 2024

Multi-day Event to Focus on the Impact of AI on the Enterprise

Boston, MA October 19, 2023 – TechTalk Summits, the leader in events for technology professionals and executives, announced today the debut of its multi-day annual event, IMPACT. The 2024 event will explore how businesses should adopt machine learning technologies as they strive to integrate with business processes.

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Hybrid AI and the Apple iPhone 15: A Glimpse into AI's Future 

By Rob Enderle for TDWI

Most AI implementations are cloud-based. Hybrid AI lets you split the AI processing load. We explore the advantages and use of this technology and what’s ahead.

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AMD Moves to Acquire Nod.Ai to Build Out AMD's AI Solution

By Rob Enderle for TG Daily 

Every chip vendor is in a race to provide the best hardware to compete in the massively accelerating AI market. 

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Why We Need to Focus AI on Relationships

By Rob Enderle for ComputerWorld

We are increasingly using AI to create and maintain relationships with customers, but the real short-term need is in creating and maintaining relationships with our employees.

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Do NPUs Mean the Death of GPUs for AI?

Rob Enderle for Techspective 

AMD, Intel and Qualcomm are building NPUs (neural processing units) into their smartphone and PC solutions. Microsoft has already created an NPU, and OpenAI is talking about creating its own NPU, as well.

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Microsoft Copilot Is Coming: It’s Both Exciting and a Bit Sad

By Rob Enderle for TechNewsWorld

Microsoft recently announced that Copilot, the company’s implementation of generative AI, will be coming soon to Windows and Office 365. While Microsoft is already using generative AI in its Bing search engine, its introduction to Microsoft’s core productivity tools promises to redefine how we interact with technology at work and home.

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