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IBM Moves into IT Sustainability Services

IBM Moves into IT Sustainability Services

By Rob Enderle for Techspective 

IBM is one of the oldest IT services organizations in the world. The firm stands out historically for looking at problems holistically instead of cherry-picking a few aspects of a particular problem.

One of the most difficult problems companies deal with is sustainability. You must balance the financial needs of the company with the increasing environmental protection requirements of customers, investors, and employees. If this gets out of balance, revenue, customer and investor loyalty, and the company’s image can be adversely affected. But unless the company is in the sustainability business, it lacks the skills and capabilities to do sustainability well.

As a result, a services organization that understands both the company’s needs for sustainability and the government regulations surrounding it is an ideal resource. IBM had to spin up internally a significant global capability for its own sustainability efforts, and much like Amazon did with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is an offshoot of its own IT shop, IBM took its global sustainability capability and government knowledge and turned it into a service.

Since IBM exists between cloud providers with its own IBM Cloud effort focused on only the most secure of deployments, it is also able to best advise on how to balance a client’s multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments so that they’re not only the most cost-effective but the most sustainable, as well.

Let’s talk about IBM’s Sustainability Strategy and Service this week…

To learn more about IT Sustainability Optimization Assessment Service and more, read the full article: IBM Moves into IT Sustainability Services


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Rob Enderle is the president and principal analyst at the Enderle Group, where he provides regional and global companies with guidance on how to create a credible dialogue with the market, target customer needs, create new business opportunities, anticipate technology changes, select vendors, and products, and practice zero-dollar marketing. You can reach the author via email.

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