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Three Problems with Generative AI Have Yet to Be Addressed

Three Problems with Generative AI Have Yet to Be Addressed


While AI-based tools could deliver a major boost in productivity and efficiency, there's a dark side to them, as well.

Generative AI continues to take the world by storm, but there are growing concerns this technology could, if not aggressively managed and regulated, do a great deal of harm. In addition to fears about the technology making decisions and doing things autonomously against our interests, other concerning aspects involve the related training sets.

These training sets will increasingly capture everything an employee does, that data can be used to assess employee productivity; track the creation of confidential documents, offerings and products; and eventually be used to create a digital twin of the organization that has employed the technology. 

Let’s talk about each in turn.

Misusing training sets to gauge employee ‘productivity’

As employees increasingly use generative AI, it will capture everything they do. Using that data to monitor what an employee does during the workday would seem an obvious use for this training data. But employees will likely feel their privacy is being violated. And if care isn’t taken to tie worker behavior to results, companies could make bad decisions.

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