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The Need for an Enterprise Top Down Security Strategy

Since the U.S. government is both unable and seemingly unwilling to protect U.S. corporations and private businesses from nation-state threats, it is incumbent upon board members and senior executives to be at the forefront to a top-down Intelligence, security and privacy strategy that includes corporate counter intelligence and wargaming.

The fact is, companies from China and Russia have been wargaming to prepare for competition since the mid-90s when China officially launched their unrestricted hybrid warfare campaign against the west.

By Rex M. Lee
Rex M. Lee is a Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor, Tech Journalist and a Senior Tech/Telecom Industry Analyst for BlackOps Partners, Washington, DC. Find more information at My Smart Privacy,

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Cyber Attacks On America: Hackers Use OS & Apps to Launch Attacks

Cyber Attacks On America: Hackers Use OS & Apps to Launch Attacks

In this special CyberTalk TV episode, China In Focus sat down with TechTalk Summit's Rex M. Lee, cybersecurity adviser.  He helps shed light on cyberattacks on America from nation-state hackers, how they affect us in our daily lives, and what can be done to stop them.

Lee notes how adversarial countries can get in is through intrusive apps and operating systems: “You have to look at an app as legal malware. And that’s the best way you can describe apps today. An app—whether it’s a social media app developed by Bytedance (China), such as TikTok, or Facebook, or Instagram—any of these apps, they are basically legal malware that enable the developer to monitor, track, and data mine the end user for financial gain 24 by seven, 365 days a year.”

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Tech-based Hybrid Warfare Waged by Adversarial Countries: Threats Posed by Intrusive Apps

Adversarial countries, including nation-state hackers, are waging unrestricted Tech-based Hybrid Warfare against the free world using intrusive apps that support smartphones, tablet PCs, and connected products supported by the Android OS, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows OS.

Learn how nation-state actors can use intrusive apps to surveil end users while data mining end users 24x7/365 days per year by way of apps that support connected products and services manufactured/developed in China

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Clicking on “I Agree”: Why App Terms of Use Are A Privacy & Cybersecurity Threat!

Have you ever wondered what you are agreeing to when you click on "I Agree" to Accept The Terms & Conditions that support apps & platforms developed by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other Developers? Tech Industry Insider Rex M. Lee exposes potentially illegal business practices associated with intrusive, addictive, & harmful apps supported by predatory & exploitive terms & conditions. 

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“Clicking on I Agree”: Cybersecurity, Privacy & Safety Threats Associated with Accepting App Terms of Use 

Ever wonder what you are accepting when you click on “I Agree” to accept the collective terms of use that support popular operating systems (OSs), apps, and social media platforms?

You will be shocked to know that popular OSs, apps, and social media platforms are supported by predatory terms of use enabling all developers concerned, including those from China and Russia, to surveil and data mine their end users for profits 24x7/365 days per year. The surveillance and data mining comes at the expense of the end user’s privacy, cybersecurity, and safety since most apps and social media platforms are intentionally developed to be highly addictive in order for the developer to exploit the end user for profits according to the Netflix documentary, “The Social Dilemma”.

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Crimes of Surveillance Capitalism- Addictive ‘Brain Hijacking’ Methods of Social Media Platforms Harmful to Users

CrossRoad's host Joshua Phillip Interviews Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisor, Rex M. Lee of CyberTalk TV regarding "Brain Hijacking" technologies associated with intrusive, addictive, and dangerous apps and social media platforms developed by Silicon Valley Tech Giants.  Aside from posing massive cybersecurity and privacy threats to end users, including business end users, these intrusive apps pose numerous safety threats to end users, especially teens and children.

Every social media user, especially parents, should watch the interview and read the article.

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The Need For A Top Down Enterprise Security Strategy

Existential Threats Posed by Connected Technology -- Leaky Operating Systems & Intrusive Apps

In today’s connected world, operating systems and apps are designed to enable the OS and app developer, including those from adversarial countries, to monitor, track and data-mine the end user for financial gain, posing numerous cybersecurity and privacy threats to the end user, including the end user’s employer.

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Tech-Based Hybrid Warfare: The Need for Endpoint Cybersecurity

Threats posed by nation-state hackers and intrusive apps are a result of “tech-based hybrid warfare” being waged by China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and other bad actors worldwide who are exploiting vulnerabilities within operating systems and popular apps that are distributed by Google, Apple, & Microsoft.

– By Rex M. Lee

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