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Great Power Competition: The Stealth War Between China, Russia, & The U.S.

Great Power Competition- Privacy, Cybersecurity, and National Security Threats Posed By Unrestricted and Tech Hybrid Warfare

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 1:11 PM

The #CyberTalkTV panel discusses threats associated with unrestricted hybrid warfare waged by adversarial countries who have weaponized intrusive apps and addictive social media platforms, that include Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok (ByteDance China).

See why all social media platforms, including those from China and Russia, are a massive privacy and cybersecurity threat to your personal and business information due to the fact that all developers concerned are in the "information trafficking business" centered on collecting highly confidential end user personal, government, and business information.

The panel of experts includes BlackOps Partners CEO, Casey Fleming, privacy & security advisor/tech journalist, Rex M. Lee, and technologist/CyberTalk host, Merle Garrison.

The panel discussion highlights the fact that unrestricted and tech hybrid warfare targets everyone, including teens, children, and government/business end users of intrusive apps and social media platforms that are nothing more than legal malware.

🔗Link to Panel Discussion: Great Power Competition: The Stealth War Between China, Russia, & The U.S.! on Vimeo. 

Rex M. Lee is a Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor, Tech Journalist and a Senior Tech/Telecom Industry Analyst for BlackOps Partners, Washington, DC. Find more information at CyberTalkTV.com