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Powercast’s Effort to Create Wireless Power

Powercast’s Effort to Create Wireless Power


By Rob Enderle / October 21, 2022

Typically, when you talk about powering an electrical device or car wirelessly, you are talking about inductive charging. This is generally accomplished by placing the device on an inductive charger or just over it. Inductive charging typically has a range measured in fractions of an inch, which makes it a far cry from Nicola Tesla’s vision of a world powered wirelessly.

But what if you could power or charge devices at a greater range measured in feet rather than fractions of an inch, and could deliver enough power over longer ranges to support wireless IoT sensors and do so relatively cheaply?

That is what Powercast does. It has provided an interesting solution that could dramatically change how we instrument people, cars, buildings and even cities. Powercast uses RF energy either from a small, inexpensive, dedicated charger or some other RF source (like a Wi-Fi access point) which it converts to electricity to power the related device.

Let’s explore that this week.

How wireless power changes things

When you must deploy anything powered electrically, you generally have several things to hook up and, even if it uses a wireless data connection, the primary problem is power. I’ve found this problematic with security cameras because often, when you want the camera, there is no local power. That means that when you need the camera to work, the battery is dead.

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